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5 Ultimate benefits of this New Advertising system may surprise you

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Read if you are CEO or Marketing Professional actively looking for new systems in the advertising industry that can build a powerful sales solution in your organisation.

Imagine a system

1. which can automatically circulate your pamphlets across major top rated advertising platforms.

2. which gives your business a dedicated exposure among millions of your potential customers.

3. which empowers your business to grab contact details of all interested people automatically.

4. which empowers you with One-touch whats app connect feature that helps you connect with leads instantly on whats app without adding their numbers.

5. which empowers you with a Dedicated Sales Support center helping you closing deals.

Good News !!! Such System is now available in the Market

ADVIUZ - World’s First DIGITAL Pamphlet Distribution System.

The name of the system is Adviuz which is World’s first paperless pamphlet distribution system.

This managed solution helps advertisers to circulate their paperless pamphlets across all the major advertising platforms in just single click and advertiser get charged only when receivers view their pamphlets for at least 25 seconds after the pamphlet get fully loaded otherwise it’s absolutely free.

This system also provide powerful & real time pamphlets tracking with detailed reports and option to start and pause your pamphlets circulation anytime anywhere. Check the Demo of the system below:

Earlier vs Now

  • Earlier you were spending on printing, transportation & distribution of pamphlets and now all these expense would be saved as printing would be eradicated and soft-copy of the pamphlets will be circulated.

  • Earlier there was no system to circulate soft-copy of pamphlets to Millions of target people via software but now you have the Adviuz which is a SAS (software as service) where in single click your soft copy (Paperless Pamphlet) can be circulated via 10+ Integrated Advertising channels like Sms, what’s app, emails, Facebook, Instagram, mobile app ads, You tube, classified, pop-up ads & more among your targeted audience.

  • Earlier you were paying just for sending bulk Sms, What’s-app to random people but now you are paying only if Sms or what’s app that get opened and then user click on the link to paperless pamphlets and view it for 25 seconds otherwise Free.

  • Earlier you were paying for sending email with no guarantee of Inbox delivery or clicks but now you are paying only if email get opened then get clicked & then paperless pamphlets get opened and viewed for 25 seconds otherwise Free

  • Earlier you were paying for clicks and impression on Facebook, Instagram, display network, Google ads etc. but now clicks, impressions and landing would be absolutely free and you will be only paying if user stay on your pamphlet for 25 seconds or more otherwise free.

  • Earlier you were reaching mass database but now you will be reaching targeted segment of people who are useful for your business.

  • Earlier you have to manage multiple vendor approx. 10+ Vendors and now you have one software which is cluster of all major advertising platform under your single click

  • Earlier you were spending time on analyzing marketing reports but now you will spending that time on doing sales.