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  • Min 3 Years of recent experience is required in sales and marketing Industry

  • Must be a registered company

  • Must have office space for client meetings.

  • Must have space available for adviuz signages.

  • Should not be blacklisted or strike-off company

About Authorized Sellers

  1. To become authorized seller, you must meet eligibility criteria mentioned above.

  2. Authorized Sellers will be the face of Adviuz, all the payment and transaction will be done on the name of Adviuz ( Instad Web Services Private Limited) only

  3. Once eligibility criteria is satisfied then Authorized Sellers have to pay authorization fees to obtain selling rights.

  4. Once Authorized Sellers purchase the selling right, he is then allowed to sell the product in the market & starts working for the company.

Income Plan

Business Slab


  • 0 - 100,000 Monthly Sale                       |     10% Commission

  • 100,001 - 200,000 Monthly Sale            |     11% Commission

  • 200,001 - 300,000 Monthly Sale            |     12% Commission

  • 300,001 - 400,000 Monthly Sale            |     13% Commission

  • 400,001 - 500,000 Monthly Sale            |     14% Commission

  • 500,001 - 600,000 Monthly Sale            |     15% Commission

  • 600,001 - 700,000 Monthly Sale            |     16% Commission

  • 700,001 - 800,000 Monthly Sale            |     17% Commission

  • 800,001 - 900,000 Monthly Sale            |     18% Commission

  • 900,001 - 900,000 Monthly Sale            |     19% Commission

  • 1,000,001 - Above Monthly Sale            |     20% Commission

Earning Example for Typical Month When you start:


  • If Seller completed 4 sales in 1 Month

  • The minimum amount of each sale is 3 Lac excluding taxes.

  • Total business Generated is 12 Lacs 

  • Commission on 10 Lac and above sale is 20% which is equal to Rs.240,000

  • So total earning for a month is Rs.240,000


  1. Application

  2. Shortlisting

  3. Income Plans & Authorization Fees 

  4. Fees Payment

  5. Documentation & Verification

  6. Extensive Training & Process Orientation

  7. Account Set-up

  8. Login & Start Pitching to your customer

  9. Company will be supporting in sending proposals, Quotations, Invoicing, 

Terms & Conditions of Income Plan

  • Commission will be considered only after clearance of full payment from the client.

  • Commission will be considered on payment excluding GST and other taxes.

  • Payment collected from Sellers clients would be always on the name of Instad Web Services Private Limited ( OPC)

  • In case of any refund or chargeback, Authorized Seller has to refund the commission

  • Payment will be done to authorized sellers after one month of clearance of payment from the clients.

    For example: All the sales closed by authorized seller in month of Oct will be released in Month of December between 1st to 10th day of December. This is to protect company and authorized seller from any chargeback or refunds.

  • Payment to authorized sellers would be done via cheque or bank transfer only.

Terminology & Examples

  1. Business Slabs are defined as range of maximum amount of revenue that an authorized seller can generate to earn commission 

    Example - Grade 1 Affiliate can only generate maximum 10 Lac of Business & after that he will be automatically upgraded to Grade 2. 
    In grade 2 his slab reset to maximum 25 Lac starting from zero.

  2. Affiliate grades are defined as the designations used against business slabs

  3. Income per sales is percentage of commission affiliate earns on every sale and it will be calculated on amount excluding taxes.

  4. Repeat Order revenue is percentage of commision that affiliate earns from repeat orders of his existing clients and it will be calculated on amount excluding taxes.

  5. If Business Slab completed in specific duration mentioned against the slabs then affiliates are eligible for additional reward

  6. Rewards value then is amount you win if you complete your business slab in specific duration of time


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Terms & Conditions

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  • All the Payments made are full and final and will not be refundable in any case

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