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This fuel saving breakthrough in Bikes can save approx. Rs.100,000 for you.

Updated: May 1, 2020

Do you know If you could manage to save money everyday that you are spending or going to spend on fuel expenses, you will be able to save Rs.100,000 in three years. Here is the calculation below:

Daily Running - 65 Km

Daily Fuel Expense - Rs. 100

Yearly Fuel Expense - Rs.36,500

3 Year Fuel Expense - Rs.109,500

How to save fuel expense

Hero Electric has launched their electric bikes which can run upto 100 kms in one charge and one full charge will consume only approx. 1.5 Units of electricity. So here is what you will be spending in 3 Years.

Daily Running - 65 km

Daily Charging Expense - Rs. 8 Approx

Yearly Charging Expense - Rs.2920

3 Year Charging Expense - Rs.8760


Total saving = 3 Year Fuel Expense - 3 Charging Expense

Total saving = Rs.109,500 - Rs.8760 = Rs.100,740

Total saving ~ Rs.100,000

For more information, click on image below

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